• New builds.  We specialize in custom wooden boats.  Whether traditional plank on frame, strip built, or cold molded, we can do it all.  Our shop can handle boats from 6 to 60 feet long.
  • Restorations.  Maybe you already have a favorite wooden boat that just needs a little attention to make it perfect.  We have completed dozens of these types of projects as well.  From complete restorations to fixing a problematic plank, give us a call.
  • Modifications.  There are lots of boats out there that are almost perfect- but for that one detail.  We can perform that modification for you.
  • Maintenance.  Wooden boats are all about maintenance.  If you keep up on upkeep, you will have lots of trouble free time on the water.  If, however, you delay maintenance, you are likely to have trouble, and need costly repairs.
  • Winterizing.  A boat that is properly winterized and covered is a happy boat in the spring.
  • CNC cutting.  We have a CNC router that can handle material up to four by eight and 6 inches tall.


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